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Boffin Boy


Listed in The Times Top 160 Books for Boys | Nominated for the Kate Greenaway Medal

Interest age 8 – 14 years | Reading age 6 – 7 years

A popular manga comic style series designed specifically for reluctant and struggling readers.

The superb manga style illustrations, imaginative plots and wacky characters will appeal to children aged 8 – 14, yet the books are carefully written for a reading age of 6 – 7 years and feature simple speech bubble text with controlled vocaulary and low word counts.

Six new titles in the Boffin Boy range (Boffin Boy Set Three) now bring the total number of Boffin Boy reading books to 18. Click on Reading Books to find out more details.


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Series contents

18 reading books,
plus 6 photocopiable workbooks


David Orme

"Boffin Boy is excellent because the characters are fun, especially Wu Pee, and the tasks we have to do are great – they make me feel like I'm part of the story."

Boffin Boyz Reading Group Member, Holy Trinity Primary School, London

"Very imaginative, and the pictures help you understand the story. They don’t have heaps of writing so it is easy to understand."

Maddy. Age 11, Chiltern Tutorial School

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The Boffin Boy stories feature Rick Shaw, a 14 year old science whizz who uses his skills to fight evil - as Boffin Boy!

The books appear in a comic-style format, featuring superb high energy, full colour, manga-style illustrations. Unlike most comic books, however, the Boffin Boy books have carefully chosen language, font and simple layout which make them accessible to less able readers.

The simple speech bubble text and captions appear in a clear, legible font on a yellow background to assist dyslexic readers. The vocabulary and word count is carefully controlled throughout.

A lot of attention has also been paid to the positioning of the speech bubbles and captions to ensure they do not confuse the reader, and create an obvious flow through the story.

Boffin Boyz Reading Group
Claire Peacock, Librarian, Holy Trinity Primary School, London

“The Boffin Boyz is a reading group I set up to try to encourage reluctant boy readers who had been identified in Years 4 and 5.  They immediately took to the series and were extremely enthusiastic.  They were (perhaps unsurprisingly) struggling writers too and the Boffin Boyz group has helped them to discover an enthusiasm for writing in the short follow up tasks I have planned to enhance our group reading of the books.

Although the writing tasks are not arduous, the boys are so keen to commit their ideas to paper it is a joy to see.  I believe they are less inclined to view reading and writing with dread and that their willingness to share and record their ideas is a testimony to the quality of the materials and their enthusiasm for it.  This is a great step forward. 

As a direct result of the buzz around the group the Literacy Co-ordinator has planned for David Orme to visit our school during Book Week later this year - the Boffin Boyz are beside themselves with excitement!”