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Chris Owen


  • Hairy Mole the Pirate
  • Hairy Mole on the High Seas
  • Hairy Mole and the Precious Islands
  • Hairy Mole and the Pirate Olympics

Hobbies and favourite books/authors:

I play football for a Sunday league side and have recently started a stint as assistant manager, this seems to involve giving out yellow bibs and shouting at people to listen to the manager.

I really like coffee and enjoy writing during my lunch breaks in various coffee shops and pubs around Brighton. I started to learn Chi-gong (one of various spellings) while in Taiwan and I enjoy this exercise and also meditation and a good stretch. I like to swim in the sea and go body boarding in Cornwall. I love a good walk with a well packed picnic and the Sussex Downs are perfect for this activity.

I also like going to music festivals, the theatre and comedy clubs, in fact I enjoy watching any live event which even stretches to watching Worthing FC with my father in-law however, I follow Ipswich Town FC, he prefers Sunderland, so does my wife.

I love reading and am never without a book. My favourite author is John Steinbeck especially the novels: Canary Row and The Grapes of Wrath. Irvine Welsh is another favourite author although he’s gone a bit down hill recently, in my opinion. My favourite book of all time is possibly Zorba the Greek or Watership Down.

When did you started writing and why?

I started writing novels when I was 28 because I wanted to get up at 10am, walk dogs over some hills, have some eggs on toast and then write while drinking black coffee. The only way to achieve this lifestyle was to write books for a living, I’m getting closer every year.

How and where you find inspiration?

I find inspiration for my children’s books through my sister and the way that she talks to my niece and nephew. My other books, for an adult audience, are written from my own experiences and also through observing and taking an interest in the way other people think and behave. My friends provide a lot of my inspiration and I’m always motivated by thinking that if I don’t write then I’ll have let them and myself down.

How you go about research?

I don’t really research I just sort of write things down from memory/imagination. If there’s something that I need to find out, something factual, then I’ll look it up on the internet. Fortunately, the Hairy Mole books don’t require much research however; I do have to write a slight structure.

Creative writing tips:

  • Write down a few ideas then choose one and think where it’s going to end.
  • Try to write something every day.
  • Don’t be afraid to deviate from your original ending, just create a new one if it feels worthwhile
  • Make sure you keep at it but have a break if you’re not flowing.
  • Sometimes when you think you can’t write you actually can so just find somewhere quiet and get on with it for a few minutes if it doesn’t flow, don’t beat yourself up, just try again later.
  • No one can tell you what to write, it’s up to you. Just start and get something down on paper and keep going until it’s finished.
  • Once you’ve finished in long hand then you can type it up. You’ll know your ending by now so you can use this to your advantage when starting the early chapters.
  • The art of writing is re-writing; I think Winston Churchill said this. Also, if you just talk about writing you are not a real writer; f you write, then you are!
  • Last one, nobody can tell you how to write, it’s up to you, so please ignore the above.

Writing projects you are currently working on, including anything you’re doing not intended for publication:

I’m currently working on a short film about a tap convention.

I’m also writing a book about a pub and the various customers and how they each perceive each other and the un-folding events.

I find having a few projects going on at once is handy because if you are a procrastinator, like me, you can procrastinate by writing on a different project rather than the one you’re actually meant to be working on. Hence, I’m writing this now.

Promotional services such as giving talks or writing workshops, and contact details:

Like I’ve mentioned, I’ll read and sign Hairy Mole books wherever and whenever. I find it great fun and it helps to find out what small people enjoy and what they find boring.

I’m hoping to get involved with some literary or arts festivals next year and am thinking of using a projector to show the pictures while I read. I always dress-up like a pirate too and it’s a pleasure to see other pirates at my events. I did have to judge a best dressed pirate and mermaid competition once and made a little girl cry, not keen on that really.

Happy to receive an e-mail or phone call/text:

E-mail: owencj@hotmail.com

Mob: 07510299930