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About Us

Ransom Publishing is an independent specialist publisher of high quality, inspirational books that will encourage and help both children and young adults to develop their reading skills.

Many of Ransom’s books are specifically written and designed for struggling and reluctant readers, but we also recognise the growing need for books aimed at young emergent readers.

We are proud to be the first publisher to produce easily accessible, high-interest books which have a very low reading level and are genuinely suitable for older teenagers and adults. Our first series of books in this range, Dark Man, won the Educational Resources Book Award in 2006.

What makes our books special:

• Level-appropriate language and pacy content that will motivate struggling or reluctant readers

• Appealing font and text layout will engage and maintain reader interest

• Great attention-grabbing illustrations that have high-appeal

• Topics that interest older children and adults and put the fun back into reading

• Books which recognise that our readers are sophisticated, whatever their reading abilities

• Superb specialist authors who are bursting with creativity and talent and have vast experience of writing for these specific reader groups

• Great resources for both the library and classroom that have linked workbooks and digital software